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School Values

At Widford School we always try to be TERRIFIC:

Truthful – We tell the truth. We are brave, stand up for what is right and own up when we have done something wrong.

Enthusiastic – We join in and we work hard. We pay attention and listen. We ask questions and share our ideas. We are keen and excited about our learning.

Responsible – We are sensible, helpful and reliable. We realise that our actions have consequences. We take care of ourselves, school property and our environment.

Resilient – We always try our best in everything we do and we don’t give up when we find things tricky. We like new challenges and are proud of our achievements.

Independent – We learn to do new things for ourselves. We can think carefully about things and make our own choices.

Friendly – We get on well with others. We are kind and gentle. We work together to be a good team member.

Inclusive – We celebrate our differences and respect each other. We are tolerant. We value everyone and help one another.

Caring – We are kind and considerate to other people. We look after each other and make sure everyone in our school is happy.

Upcoming Events

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